2012-06-08 18:47:20 by MoodyRemix

New Game
New Animation
New Style

New Game Called Project Truth~~~(I Have not figured out a name,suggest one in the comments)is coming out

4 Years....

2012-04-09 11:54:07 by MoodyRemix

..... Greatest Thing Evar

Joshua Act 1: West East Zone is in production as we speak(or as you read this(or as you jerk off(or as you kiss someone's ass)))

the basis is that one day sonic is taken away by The Ghost and Joshua has to go get him back.

we need alot of help so if you want to help,then feel free to PM me

My Wallpaper

2012-02-18 20:54:08 by MoodyRemix

A Wallpaper I Made For Anyone That Wants It,Here It Is
copy and paste it in broswer dd506e48e24e7b1e9a40